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I have been an interior & architectur designer since 2007. 


A graduate from The Singalowsky School of Design, I design for private homes and apartments, as well as developments and commercial and office spaces.


Prior to launching my career in interior and architectural design I worked in management in large organizations - in both Human Resources and Information Technology - where I developed the project management skills that are an invaluable part of driving success in my client work.


My work is more than a job – it’s my passion: working with my clients to develop an intimate understanding of their needs, wants and tastes and creating an unforgettable design that represents the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic for their life style. No two projects are the same - each one represents a uniquely tailored solution.   


I see our work together as a journey as well as a destination and as such I place great importance on creating a process that brings not only peace of mind, but also enjoyment to all my clients.


My son Roee – a graduate in architecture studies from the University of Ariel – brings the next generation to our studio, enabling us to expand the range of products and services we offer to our clients. 

הפנייה נישלחה בהצלחה

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Iris Carmi

הפנייה נישלחה בהצלחה


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